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Recycle Program

Courtside Tennis Club proudly participates in a program to recycle our used tennis balls. There is a non-profit company in Vermont called RecycleBalls whose mission it is to recycle or reuse tennis balls and keep them out of our nation’s landfills.


The problem is that tennis balls take 400 years to decompose. Nationwide, approximately 125 million used tennis balls wind up in America’s landfills every year. That is 20,000 metric tons of methane-producing, near non-decomposable rubber waste.


RecycleBalls invested nearly two years in full R&D to develop a process that will remove 99% of the felt from tennis balls in a cost-effective manner. They also grind the rubber cores into a natural crumb rubber which they call GREEN GOLD. GREEN GOLD is sold to other companies to be used in the construction of tennis courts, horse footing, playground turf, rubber landscaping mulch, traffic safety equipment and hopefully soon, with more R&D, a variety of other green products.


Although participating in the RecycleBalls recycling program costs money, Courtside Tennis Club feels that it is a wonderful program to be associated with and the benefits to helping our community and planet are immeasurable.


We are proud to help RecycleBalls save the planet, one ball at a time.


Matt Liverman

Tennis Director/ Head Tennis Professional

Courtside Tennis Club

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